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MME Awards 2014

Deadline for Nominations Submission February 28, 2014

Click Here to download the Nomination form in pdf format.

MME Annual Award of Distinction

This very special award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication to Massachusetts Marine Educators as an organization and to the field of marine science. This award recognizes an individual who demonstrated a commitment to marine education which is evidenced by accomplishments in his/her community, school, business, or region.
Information: Lydia Breen

MME Marine Educator Award

This award is given for outstanding effort and distinguished performance in the teaching of marine science. This award recognizes a person’s ability to foster interest, appreciation, and love of the marine environment in the classroom setting.
Information: Lydia Breen

Nap J. Buonaparte Service Award

The Nap J. Buonaparte Award is given in appreciation for outstanding and enthusiastic contributions to MME. This award recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding assistance and support to the organization.
Information: Lydia Breen

MME Student Book Awards

Information: Lee Anne Campbell

MME Certificates of Appreciation

This certificate is presented for dedicated service and commitment to the advancement of marine science. It recognizes an individual or group’s commitment to promoting the goals of Massachusetts Marine Education.
Information: Lydia Breen

John Patrick Crowley Memorial Teacher Grant

Information: Jack Crowley

John Patrick Crowley Memorial Student Scholarship

Information: Jack Crowley

Sandman Scholarship Fund

One $250 grant for a first-time NMEA National Conference attendee.
Information: George Duane

Click Here to download the Nomination form in pdf format.

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