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The Ways Homework Could Complement Learning

It can be hard sometimes to just keep up with some concepts especially in a world where almost everything is changing. Talking of evolution, just like we allegedly evolved from apes, our education systems are also changing away from the contemporary set up that we used to know.

As we move towards student-centered learning, most of our classroom setups are quickly becoming digital as well as student-led. As exciting as this might sound, the old concept of practice makes perfect seems to continue being applicable.

Well, homework seems to be our only answer.

Despite trying to get rid of the traditional or rather outdated educational system, homework still proves to be more beneficial than ever. A recent research study actually showed that homework directly influenced student performance.

During the survey, students from the same grade were split into two groups for experimentation purposes. One was given regular but random homework exercises to work on while the other wasn’t. At the end of the study, all students were given an assessment test to measure their level of understanding.

Just as you might have suspected, the lot that worked on regular homework assignments had better grades than their counterparts did.

According to the national statistics data, 77% of studies done on the homework subject at least recorded a positive correlation between homework and student performance. Interestingly enough, none of these has ever shown that homework has the same effect on elementary going kids.

I know that many of you can already guess why but for the sake of the others, let’s see why. Elementary level students are particularly young and have not yet fully developed to be able to avoid or overlook the simplest of distractions.

This means that these kids are incapable of paying attention for long spans of time in the name of working on homework. Their mental capacity is not able to shut down a small distraction from a pet at home. In addition, several studies show that these children often struggle with take-home assignments and that majority of them are unable to finish their homework in time.

Who knows? Maybe it could just be too hard for them to comprehend.

Despite the contradicting study findings, many homework proponents still argue that these assignments are necessary and very beneficial. For instance, they highlight that through homework; students are capable of developing great study habits as well as nurture their growing cognitive skills.

On the other hand, homework opponents are working round the clock to discredit all the good things that these assignments have to offer. Many cite that homework could be detrimental to the health of children if given in excess quantities. Others believe that the time used on homework could have been used to develop social skills and engage in other hobbies.

Well, it is true that homework does have a good and a nasty side but what is important is that we find a balance for it to be more effective. We urge that proper and updated homework guidelines should be set and popularized so that they could complement learning more.

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