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The Reasons Why English is Difficult to Learn

There are so many questions that people have concerning English. Most of the questions asked come from native speakers who are not familiar with the language. If you are from a country that does not speak English, you will have the worst time learning it. If you come from a part that converses with something close to English, you are lucky because it will be somehow easy for you.

Language Families

There are thousands of languages globally. Some are not close to the others in any way. They are different in every way that when someone says a word. You are not able to understand. Languages have relationships in some way because they evolved from one another. Due to the connection, they come together to form a family. When people move from one place to another, they make their language known to other people. It happens if they move to a place where people use a different language compared to them. They will teach other people and also learn from them. That is how language develops.

Mongrel Vocabulary

If you take a good look at the English words, you will notice that most of the top languages are present. If you are someone who knows French, there is a high possibility of you speaking English correctly. Most of the vocabulary is easy for them because they are kind of similar to their language. If you are also a German or Dutch speaker, you will not have any problem. People that come from countries that speak those languages should be confident enough. When they want to know more about the English language because they are halfway.

Baffling Spelling

Even if certain things make English look easy, it is still hard, that is a fact. Some words have different pronunciations, but the spelling is the same. There is a possibility of some people using wrong words to bring out a particular meaning because of the pronunciation. The pronunciation can change at any time, but the spelling never gets old. Non-native people find it hard to differentiate such things when it comes to English. They will struggle to try to understand how certain things work.

Baffling Grammar

When it comes to the phrasal verb, everything becomes unpleasant.  A simple word can change the whole thing and bring another meaning.  If you use to take in and take out, those are two different meanings. You do not have to confuse yourself by constructing a sentence with the wrong phrasal verb. For people speaking other languages, it is hard for them to know the correct format to use the verbs. It requires a lot of expertise for one to be right.

When it comes to idioms, everyone has a problem. The language goes deep and is hard to understand. How many people can comfortably say the meaning of kicked the bucket? I guess a small number of people because it is something that is rarely used by people. Knowing the definition of the expressions requires a lot of reading and conversing. When you talk to professionals in English, there is a high chance of learning many things.

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